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To the Cemetery

My mom has been wanting to get out to the cemetery for the past couple of days, but she hasn’t felt good and the weather has not cooperated. Today, it was chilly, but the wind was not blowing. Mom felt ok after lunch, so we decided to go. I bought her some flowers the other day for their wedding anniversary. We divided them in half, knowing that they would likely be getting snowed upon tonight. But the little bouquet looked beautiful by my dad’s headstone. On the way in, there were people and cars gathering in the welcome center. Then they all made their way to the pavilion for the burial ceremony. Mom and I remembered that day and the freezing wind. We also remembered the person who looked so intently at my mom when she was handed the flag. It was a bittersweet visit, but we were glad we finally went.

I Found God today helping my mom place flowers for my dad.

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