Old Time Cousin

Last year we were visited by my dad’s first cousin once removed – he is the son of my dad’s immediate cousin. I received a surprise phone call today from his wife who had visited with him. While they were here, we talked about my blog and they have been following it. They read the blog about my grandfather and his bakery to my dad’s immediate cousin. He told me he remembered that his mother would bake a pie or cake here and there, but all the other baked goods came from my grandfather. He said he would walk by the bakery every day on his way to school. He also remembered that my mom and her family lived in the upstairs part of the building. My dad also chatted with him a bit. The man will be 95 years old in a couple of weeks. I have never met him, but I loved receiving the phone call and hearing his memories of the same places I am familiar with through my parents.

I Found God today connecting with a distant relative.

2 comments on “Old Time Cousin

  1. How beautiful.


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