Jesus is My Coach

The priest gave an exceptionally engaging homily in church today. He started by talking about the “212 Principle”. He explained that at 211 degrees water is simply hot, but at 212 degrees, the water boils. Boiling water creates steam that can power a locomotive. He connected the principle with the the part of the Gospel that read, “Strive to enter through the narrow gate, for many, I tell you, will attempt to enter but will not be strong enough.” He pointed out the hundredths of seconds that are now used to time events in the Olympics. Those minute measurements make the difference between a gold medal and no medal at all. We all need to strive to stay on course, keep focused, and finish well. Our coach is Jesus Christ. If our goal is to spend eternity with Him, we need His help. But while He is a loving God, that does not mean life will be easy. If we are working out, we don’t want a coach that says, “Don’t add that weight – you might be sore tomorrow.” Or, “You better slow down on that treadmill – you might start to sweat.” It is the same in our life. When struggles come as they always will, we can take the opportunity to grow closer to Christ instead of cursing Him for the problems. We should continue to strive for the end result and move forward. I found the whole sermon to be very relevant and thought-provoking.

I Found God today in an intriguing homily.

2 comments on “Jesus is My Coach

  1. I love this Tammy, thank you for sharing! This is a keeper.


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