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Gods Must Be Crazy

My dad was looking for a funny movie to watch tonight and came across, “The Gods Must Be Crazy.” I’m not sure I ever saw the whole movie until tonight. It was pretty silly. When it was over, we watched part of the special features and learned more about the star of the film. He actually did live in the bush of Africa. In the feature, the narrator described how he visited the little man about 10 years after the movie came out. He was back in the depths of Africa living with his extended family. He talked about how he thought making the movie might help the world to see how different and difficult their life was. There was not enough food for them to eat and people were dying of starvation. But the movie spun a contrasting tale of a fantasy world. In reality, the people struggled to survive. The narrator’s life was touched by the man and the people. He returned some 13 years later with solar panels and technological devices. He met up again with the actor and together they watched excerpts from the previous visit. The little man was asked how it felt seeing himself so many years ago. He said he was happy and sad as he wiped the tears from his aging face. He was happy to see his family, but sad because his wife had passed away since then. He said that he looked very old now, but that his soul and heart remain the same. He had such a beautiful outlook, despite his hardships.

I Found God today in a small man with a beautiful heart.

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