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Not Much Has Changed

As my dad continued to listen to some audio tapes today, I heard them as well. One in particular was he and my mom speaking to my dad’s aunt some 40 years ago. They got talking about the state of the world and the end times. They discussed the church’s beliefs as to when Jesus would come again in His glory. Israel would become a nation, which happened in their lifetime. The Gospel message of Jesus Christ would be spread through out the world. At that time, missionaries had covered just about the entire earth as we know it. My dad’s aunt said that with all the loose morals, the sanctity of marriage no longer meaningful, and all the abortions, she didn’t know how much worse things could get. Here, now 40 years later, not much has changed. Perhaps we live in more violence, sexual confusion, and broken families. But we still wait in anticipation for the promise of Jesus Christ to save us all.

I Found God today remembering that we continue to await His glorious return.

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