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Voices From the Past

As my dad continues to go through the old cassette tapes, he found a bunch of recorded conversations with family members. Today he listened to an exchange between him and his brother. Much of the discussion was about family history. My dad commented that this was one of the longest conversations he had with his […]

Growing Granddaughter

My granddaughter turned 4 years old today. My parents, brother, and I got on video chat and sang “Happy Birthday” to her. She wasn’t as chatty as usual. I guess she was tuckered out from her big party yesterday. But my mom noticed that suddenly, she had changed. She was now a little girl ready […]

Making Potato Salad

My water aerobics class has several opportunities to get together during the year. A couple weeks ago, the instructor was planning the upcoming salad party. She was talking about some kind of potato salad that didn’t have mayonnaise in it, but was warm. I asked if she was thinking of hot German potato salad with […]

Better Than Social Media

Today I talked to a friend who I worked with about 30 years ago. She told me about some others that she had talked to and what they were doing. She is so good at keeping in touch with everyone, she amazes me. She said that she knows people have lives and are busy, but […]

Set Up Phone Call

Today I sent a text to a friend and inadvertently sent it to another as well. The latter one gave me a call and we chatted for quite a while. It had been a long time since I talked with her, though she pops into my mind often and then I bring her to prayer. […]

Super Patient Boy

My mom has been struggling to recover from diverticulitis and is still tired and weak. Today, she felt her heart rate was very low. I checked it and even though she has a pacemaker, it was very erratic. Needless to say, we ended up spending the afternoon in the Emergency Room. All the testing came […]

Across Borders

One of our neighbor’s has been hosting a couple of Chinese teachers in a program where they are learning to teach English. I got to meet and chat with them for a bit. They were very joyful, respectful, and grateful. Today there was a story on the news of our local Fire Department who has […]

Wedding Cookie Table Record

A couple weeks ago a friend told me she was making a trip to a small town in PA where some of her family lives. A lot of people in that area are from Italy and carry out the tradition of having a cookie table at their wedding where guests bring plates of cookies to […]

Mom’s Magnificent Music

My brother and my dad got his new TV set up including almost all of the old components. One that was left out was the old cassette tape deck. This prompted my dad to get out and sort all his cassette tapes and decided what was worth keeping. I interrupted him today with his earbuds […]

Encouraging Strangers

After we got the new TV set up and working properly, we were left with the giant box. Today was trash day, so my dad cut the box in half and put it outside with the garbage can. When he heard the truck coming, he went outside to meet the driver. My dad showed the […]