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Super Patient Boy

My mom has been struggling to recover from diverticulitis and is still tired and weak. Today, she felt her heart rate was very low. I checked it and even though she has a pacemaker, it was very erratic. Needless to say, we ended up spending the afternoon in the Emergency Room. All the testing came out fine, so we are thanking God we were able to come home and will follow up with her cardiologist tomorrow. While we were waiting, there was a little boy with his parents and grandmother waiting too. The little boy had banged his head and had a big gash above his eye. At one point, the nurse took him back, cleaned it up, and put a bandage on it. When he returned he announced, “I feel SO much better!” He was a character and cheered up everyone around him. He was super cute and super patient.

I Found God today by my mom not staying in the hospital and in a super patient boy.

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