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Making Potato Salad

My water aerobics class has several opportunities to get together during the year. A couple weeks ago, the instructor was planning the upcoming salad party. She was talking about some kind of potato salad that didn’t have mayonnaise in it, but was warm. I asked if she was thinking of hot German potato salad with bacon and vinegar. She excitedly responded, “YES!” and asked if I had made it before. I said I had not, but my mother made it all the time and has a recipe. She asked if I could make it for the party and of course I agreed. After dinner tonight, I got out the recipe. My mom coached me through the process and with the help from my brother and sister, we got it done. And it was delicious – just like my mom used to make. It was a great team effort in the kitchen. I can’t wait to bring it to the party tomorrow and see the reaction.

I Found God today cooking with family.

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