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Encouraging Strangers

After we got the new TV set up and working properly, we were left with the giant box. Today was trash day, so my dad cut the box in half and put it outside with the garbage can. When he heard the truck coming, he went outside to meet the driver. My dad showed the box to the trash collector and asked if he could take it. The man said he could and threw it into the big bin. My dad watched and was fascinated with the new truck that could grab the trash can and dump it right into the receptacle. He thanked the trash collector for his work. He said he really needed that. Later, I took the car in to get a good wash. As I meandered to the counter to pay for the service, I heard the cashier on the phone. She got off quickly when she saw me coming. She asked how I was doing and I asked her as well. She said she wasn’t doing so good and was crying and couldn’t wait for the day to be over. I said I was sorry she was having such a hard time. She told me that another customer had bought her a card when he heard she was having a rough day. I thought that was so nice and encouraging and it put a smile on her face.

I Found God today as people encouraged strangers.

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