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Our Lady Heals Again

I had been getting tired of wearing a bandage on my thumb and not being able to use it since I cut it so bad a few weeks ago. But, the doctor said it would take a long time to heal. I didn’t get a definition for exactly what “a long time” meant, so I have just been doing my best to be patient about it. Two nights ago, my mom suggested we start up the Lourdes prayers again. We had kind of set it aside while we were doing the Lenten prayers. So, we said the prayer and passed the bottle of Lourdes Holy Water around again. I thought it would be a good idea to put some on my thumb. It was bandaged, but I commented that the holiness could surely penetrate through. Yesterday morning, I took the bandage off and saw a piece of the scabbed skin sticking up. I pulled gently and the entire thing came off revealing new, healed pink skin. I showed my parents and my dad reminded me that I had put the holy water on and that Our Lady of Lourdes had come through again. I have left my thumb uncovered and have been able to use it more, even though it is still sensitive. I showed it to some friends and family today who were surprised at how good it looked. They also wondered why I had not turned to Our Lady of Lourdes and the holy water a long time ago.

I Found God today in my healing thumb.

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