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Adorable Compliment

My parents and I decided to go to church this afternoon. We sat in the same place as usual. We saw the same people around us as we usually do when we go at that time. At the beginning of Mass, everyone is invited to introduce themselves and say hello to those around them. I heard the woman in front of us saying something to my mom, but didn’t quite catch it. She told us about it in the car ride home after church. When the woman turned around, she told my mom that she looked adorable. My mom had on her black leather coat and thin fuzzy black scarf. I thought perhaps that it what she liked. But, my mom was convinced that it was due to the fact that she recently got a haircut and it had gotten windblown on the way in. When my sister came to the house this evening, my mom asked her if she thought her hair was adorable. It was just funny. No matter what the reason, the compliment really tickled my mom.

I Found God today in a compliment given to my mother that made her joyful.

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