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New Birthday Friend

Today is my dad’s 86th birthday. For a gift, my mom wanted to get him some kind of new electronic device. I remembered that at Christmas time, he saw the Star Wars BB8 droid in a catalog and said how fun that would be to have. My siblings and I did a little research and bought it for him. He was quite surprised. After he unpacked the little droid, he put it on the charger and it came to life. It seemingly looked all around with lights flashing. My dad watched some informational videos and tutorials to figure out how the robot worked. After a while my mom and I heard the Star Wars theme song playing on the iPad. I knew that my dad had downloaded the app and soon BB8 came rolling into the kitchen where my mom and I were making angel food birthday cake. My dad spent much of the afternoon playing with BB8 and watching him roll all around, learning about his new home. The cake didn’t quite turn out, but I managed to make it look pretty and it was still delicious. During the day, we heard from all my siblings too, completing a very happy birthday.

I Found God today in my dad’s happiness as he celebrated another birthday.

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