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Continued Progress

My mom and I went out shopping today. This does not happen very often and I was glad she was able to go. We got one of those motorized carts for her to drive around. It has been a few months since last time she used one, but she remembered how to work it. As we went up and down aisles, I could tell that she was feeling much more comfortable. She had a more relaxed demeanor and even spoke to people along the way. Everyone was super nice to her. Once I went down an aisle to grab something while she waited down at the end. A woman walked by and saw her seemingly alone and asked if she was doing OK. A couple of little girls with their mom said hello. People were patient as she was maneuvering the big cart around. My mom even had enough energy to look at some clothing she needed and tried things on. I am amazed at the continued progress she seems to make.

I Found God today realizing that my mom can continue to improve.

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