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Windy Weather

I was awake unexpectedly early this morning and thought about going out to see if I could find any meteors from the shower that is happening right now. But then I heard the wind. I don’t like the wind at all. But I do like the sound of the trees blowing. So, I laid there listening for a while. When I noticed it getting light, I got up and watched the sunrise. It was truly breathtaking. I went outside briefly in the chilly wind and took some pictures. The brisk wind lasted all day, so other than a quick walk when the sun was peeking out, we spent most of the time inside looking out. Even the birds did not visit the feeders until much later in the evening. One of my favorite smells is pine trees in the mountains. Combine that with rain and it is a double bonus. The wind brought showers through here and there and at one time it was little balls of snow. We could see the little storms flow over the hills and wondered which would make it to our house. While it was not a good day to spend outside, I still enjoyed being surrounded by nature.

I Found God today as I continued to enjoy the beauty of nature.

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