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Prison Ministry

Today at church a deacon who worked in prison ministry spoke to the congregation. He started by pointing out the stained glass windows around the church. They each had the name of someone or a group of people who donated monetarily to have the window installed. That happened over 100 years ago. The deacon reminded everyone that those people are part of our family. Their contribution, work, and sacrifices started the church there – and not just the building. Then the deacon talked about the men he meets with in jail. He offers a Communion service once a week and coordinates with priests so they can celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation. He said that they are still part of our family and need to be treated as such. He said you never know when the seeds you plant will take root. He talked about one young man in particular who was addicted to drugs. Another inmate invited him to the Communion service. When he first started going, he sat in the back and was full of anger. The deacon said that the alone time that those incarcerated have gives God an opportunity to work on their hearts. As time went on, the young man’s heart did change and he asked to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. He got into a drug rehab program and is doing his best to stay clean. The deacon said this was one example of how God can change lives. As he spoke he exuded joy and love, and I could see how he was able to draw people into relationship with God.

I Found God today in a joyful, loving, giving man.

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