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A Smell

“I smell something!” The words were loud and excited coming from my mother’s mouth. Followed by, “I haven’t smelled anything for 20 years!” Losing her sense of smell was one of the first symptoms she experienced as Parkinson’s started rearing it’s ugly head. I asked if it was a good smell or a bad one. She couldn’t make it out exactly, but said it was “warm”. She may have been smelling the smoke from fires that have been burning in the area. It was a sensation that came and went immediately. She said that was the most exciting thing that has happened to her in years. She wasn’t trying to smell anything and it came as a complete surprise. After that, she was just elated and kept trying to smell again with no luck. We have no idea what caused the sense to suddenly kick in or if it will ever happen again, but it was quite an exciting moment.

I Found God today in my mom’s sudden ability to smell.

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