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Being Family

The other day, my granddaughter celebrated her 5th birthday. Today she received the package we sent, so we set up a video chat to watch her open it. We sent a sun hat that looked just adorable on her. And we sent a cloth book of prayers. While we were talking with her mom, we saw her looking at it in the background. It was nice to see her enjoying the gifts right away. After chatting a bit, we just watched what was happening at the house. They were “pretend camping”. It was raining, so my granddaughter had to make sure her older brother was wearing a hat too. First out of paper, then, the shipping box seemed to give more coverage. My grandson was a very good sport, especially considering he’s going to be a senior in high school. The puppy that they got a few months ago had to be in the middle of the action. When my granddaughter laughed loudly, he joined in. It was very nice to just be family with them for a while.

I Found God today being part of my son’s family life.

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