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Conquering Concerns

My dad stopped driving several months ago because he was getting dizzy spells. Since then, the spells have mostly subsided and he has been “threatening” every now and then that he will start driving again. This morning┬áhe had a doctor’s appointment that he needed to go to. We cannot leave my mom alone, so we […]

Encouraging Doctor

This evening I asked my mom how she found God today. She said she was thinking about that earlier. She said she is so grateful for the medical people God has sent her – especially her primary care physician who we saw today. He spent more time than normal with us going through all the […]

Pope and the Babies

During this “Year of Mercy”, on one Friday each month Pope Francis has been visiting different groups of people who are underprivileged, marginalized, or suffering. A while ago, I saw a video of him visiting former prostitutes who were in a safe house. Today I saw a captivating video of the pope visiting a hospital […]

Farm Fresh Food

When my sister and her husband bought a house and land a year and a half ago, they had big dreams of gardens, chickens, goats, and bees. The property required quite a bit of fixing up and they first focused on the house during the winter months. Once Spring time came, they started on the […]

Good As I Am

Today a nurse came to the house to get my mom set up for home health care. She asked a barrage of questions and went through my mom’s medical history. As she talked to her, she would say that my mom was lucky that she didn’t have to wear oxygen, or how wonderful it was […]

Not Going Back

Yesterday as we were headed to pick up my mom from the rehab facility, a song came on that was about leaving the past behind and not having to go there again. I laughed. Then I saw a brief quote, “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.” Loved it. These touched my heart and […]

Home Again, Home Again

Yesterday was my mom’s last day of therapy as she was due for discharge today. We talked with one of the therapists about how far my mom has come and all got teary eyed. To think that when she arrived, she couldn’t even stand by herself and now she was cruising down the hallways with […]

Caregivers Group

Last week I connected with a man who works for an agency involved with elder care. I found that he helps support caregivers, so I met with him at his suggestion to see what kind of things are available. He gave me a lot of information about different classes and groups and assistance such as […]

Mom the Evangelist

A couple of days after my mom was admitted to the rehab center, I brought in a statue of Mary – Our Lady of Lourdes – and a small bottle of holy water. Usually before my dad and I leave for the night from visiting, we bless ourselves and say a prayer together. There are […]

Perfectly Timed Call

Yesterday, we got some confusing paperwork from the rehab facility where my mom is recovering. It came late in the afternoon and when my dad went to ask questions about it, the people who could help us had already gone home. According to the paperwork, action needed to be taken before Monday. My dad followed […]