The Afterlife

Unfortunately, my mom’s friend who I mentioned yesterday died this morning. I had a “feeling” about that this morning as I prayed a Divine Mercy Chaplet for her. Of course my mom was sad and we talked about our own mortality. She remembered that at one time, her brother died for a couple of minutes […]

St. Thomas Aquinas

Today the Church honors St. Thomas Aquinas. He was a priest, an intellect, an author, and my dad’s patron saint. I pictured my dad having deep, meaningful conversation with him and imagining what a blessing it would be for my dad. Interestingly, I opened a journal tonight to a quote I wrote from St. Thomas […]

Family Reunited

My mom and I were talking about our neighbors’ grandson who was born premature, then got sick, but now is home. My mom talked about the baby that she had born premature. His lungs weren’t fully developed and unfortunately at that time, the medical professionals didn’t have the technology to treat infants born too early. […]

Faithfully Stay the Course

This morning the bishop of our Diocese celebrated Mass in our parish. I have seen him once in person and a couple of times online. He is a very humble, peaceful man and always speaks in a way that is important and relevant. Today he pointed out that as Jesus was making His way back […]

God’s Dwelling Is With Us

Today in Mass, we read part of the book of Revelation. It touched my heart and brought me hope and comfort. I wished everyone could hear these words not only in their ears, but in their hearts. It is such a challenging time right now for so many people and I feel we all need […]

Dad’s Funeral

Preparing for almost 2 weeks seemed like an agonizing wait. Then suddenly, the day came for dad’s funeral. The visitation the night before was a small gathering of good friends. Among them were my sister’s best friend from high school and some close friends of mine who also came from out of town. It was […]

Temporary Emotions

I often struggle in trying to keep my emotions in check. I can be very quick to react based on how I’m feeling. Then I usually regret it and have to apologize. Tonight I read a beautiful reflection from “The Word Among Us”, based on today’s gospel. It said in part, “Emotions are temporary, but […]

Waiting But Not

First Sunday of Advent already. I heard and read several different reflections on the day. I especially enjoyed watching a video by a priest that my family loves. What I came to understand is that Advent is a time of waiting for both the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and for the day […]

Midday Mass

At Mass on Sunday, the pastor announced they would begin having Mass on Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon. The new schedule would begin today, All Souls Day. My mom and I talked about trying to go. Things worked out just fine today so that we were able to attend. It was a blessing to take […]

Redemption Through Suffering

Tonight in my Bible class, we finished studying the book of Job. The verse for our prayer and contemplation was Job 42:2, “I know that you can do all things, and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted.” As I meditated on these words, my thoughts went immediately to my father. I know that […]