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Unselfish Actions

My brother came last week to stay with my parents as I had originally planned to take a trip to visit my children and grandchildren. When my dad fell, however, it was obvious that more care was needed at home, so I decided to postpone the trip. But my brother continued to stay at the […]

She’s Here!

We have been anxiously awaiting the delivery of my new grand daughter. My daughter-in-law was overdue by only a couple of days, but it was decided to induce her. Things went fairly slow for quite a few hours as I received updates every now and again. It is hard being so far away. I prayed […]

His Little Buddy

My dad is trying his best to recover from his fall and is improving a little at a time. He was feeling pretty bad today and having stomach issues – most likely due to the medication he has been taking. He has spent a lot of time lying down and resting. I was glad that […]

Trying to Make Plans

Today I was talking with my daughter-in-law’s mother as we both await the birth of our new granddaughter. We talked about circumstances beyond our control. She said something that really touched me, “Life happens while we are making plans.” Isn’t that the truth? When I got married, I PLANNED on living a long, happy relationship […]

A Nasty Fall

So I have missed a couple of days blogging due to tending to my dad who took a nasty fall. This is what happened: Some friends of mine were in a nearby city at a convention, so I decided to go and meet them for dinner. We connected at the hotel and were just about […]

To Be A Saint

Today as I was perusing social media, I saw that today in the Catholic church, we celebrate the Memorial of St. Clare. She has always interested me – mostly because I know she worked closely with St. Francis of Assisi. I wonder what it must have been like to make unpopular decisions, be counter cultural, […]

Love, Support, Prayers

Today I received an unexpected card and note from a far away friend. It was full of news and encouragement. I was touched most deeply by knowing that she prays for me often. It is heart warming and humbling. I Found God today in love, support, and prayers from far away.

Needed to be in Church

This morning at church before the Mass started, I noticed a man with a long grayish ponytail come in and sit a few pews in front of us. He was wearing a black cut-off t-shirt with a motorcycle club on the back. When he arrived, he was greeted by some people who were already seated […]

County Fair

Today my 2 sisters, brother-in-law, nephew, and I went to a local county fair. It had a very small town, family, true farm feel to it. One of my sisters and her husband now own a small mini-ranch themselves and are trying to gain all the knowledge they can before they begin getting animals. They […]

Washing Lasagna Pans

I love preparing for and having celebrations. I like to see people enjoy themselves and each other without having to do a lot of work. Today I participated in my first volunteer opportunity at the church. I helped with a funeral luncheon. Now, you may not think of this as a celebration, but in fact […]