Carrying the Box

At the complex where we live, the mailboxes are located all in one place. This just happens to be the furthest point from my parent’s home as you can get. It makes for a 1/2 mile total loop. Every evening my dad makes the walk after he feels the mail person has been there. Tonight […]

Postcards from the Past

As my dad was looking through some papers today, he found a stack of old postcards that were written by him and my mom from some 40-60 years ago. They logged most of the trips that were taken. Most of them were sent to my dad’s parents who had kept them and now they are […]

Unexpected Package

Don’t you just love receiving packages? Today, there was a box waiting for me in the mail. It was addressed to both me and my mom. It was from one of the ladies in my prayer group many miles away. Inside the box was a card and journal for me. I have been attending the […]