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Carrying the Box

At the complex where we live, the mailboxes are located all in one place. This just happens to be the furthest point from my parent’s home as you can get. It makes for a 1/2 mile total loop. Every evening my dad makes the walk after he feels the mail person has been there. Tonight when he returned, he was carrying a large, heavy box. It must have just been able to fit in the bigger mailboxes assigned to packages. Then, I heard another voice on the porch. My dad said when he was walking back carrying the large box along with the rest of the mail, 2 people offered to give him a ride home. He politely declined. Then a woman came out of her house and walked right up to my dad and said, “Let me carry some of that for you.” So, he handed her the mail. When they got to our house, my dad came in with the box and the woman sat outside and visited with my mom. The package was one of the monthly subscriptions from my brother. Inside were 3 smaller boxes containing peaches, nectarines, and plums. My dad chose 1 of each and gave them to the woman to thank her. She was super chatty and super nice.

I Found God today in a helpful neighbor.

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