Beatitudes Now

Today’s Gospel reading is the infamous Sermon on the Mount. As I read the words, I couldn’t help but notice how relevant they are in light of the recent protests. Now, I am not talking about the riots, vandalism, or looting, but of those standing up for what is true, good, right, just, and humane. […]

Ironically Dated Letter

As my dad continues to sort through old family memorabilia, he has come across very interesting photos, articles, and writings. Today he found a letter that was written by his uncle in 1969. Ironically, the date on the letter was the same as that of his sudden death. He must have written the letter and […]

Can We Be So Bold

Today at church, one of the Scripture readings was from the prophet Isaiah 58:7-10.┬áThese words struck my heart, likely due to the friction in the world at this particular point in time. The passage says in part, “…sharing your bread with the hungry,┬ábringing the afflicted and the homeless into your house; Clothing the naked when […]

Friend in Uganda

A friend of mine is in Uganda with a mission group. I saw pictures and videos today of her group, the work they are doing, and the people there. The villagers were so joyful – especially the children. There was a lot of celebrating with music and dancing. One picture told the story of the […]

Praying in Hobby Lobby

This morning I received a daily inspiration in my email and read it to my dad. As Christians the poor should have a place in our lives. Reflect on these words from St. Augustine, “Give to the poor, I’m begging you, I’m warning you, I’m commanding you, I’m ordering you.” I thought about what it […]