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Ironically Dated Letter

As my dad continues to sort through old family memorabilia, he has come across very interesting photos, articles, and writings. Today he found a letter that was written by his uncle in 1969. Ironically, the date on the letter was the same as that of his sudden death. He must have written the letter and sent it to my dad’s parents early in the day as he unexpectedly died that night. In the letter, the uncle says that he read an article in the paper about a food collection for starving Africans. He thought about the food that was thrown out by the truckload and the money that is spent for landing on the moon. He said it didn’t make any sense. My dad talked about how the man was very soft spoken and very thoughtful. I thought how interesting it was that it meant so much to the man that he included it in his letter that day. I also thought it interesting that 50 years later, the same issue remains. Of course, Jesus said 2000 years ago that the poor would always be with us. But, it just seems wrong that after all this time, no one has come up with a solution to world hunger. The ironically dated letter brought to light the fact that we really do not know when or how our “time will come” and how important it is to share our love while we can.

I Found God today in an interesting letter by a thoughtful man.

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