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At my mom’s Parkinson’s exercise class, there are several college students who help and learn at the same time. They serve as “spotters”. They stay close to each participant in case they become off balance or start to fall. The young adults also come up with different activities or “stations” for the participants to work through. A couple of weeks ago, the focus was on fine motor skills. My mom made an origami fish. The student who worked with her was so excited as this was her first time making origami. I got a picture of the two of them with their fish looking as proud as can be. In general, it is difficult for Parkinsonians to move. They have to think about every move they make even to do “normal” things they have done all their life. Yet, in the class, with young people encouraging them, they do so well. Today, they worked on big movements, balance, and strength. One of the stations was a dance off led by the teacher. She showed my mom some moves and my mom quickly joined in. She was really going and everyone was cheering. They figured my mom won. I haven’t seen her move like that at all in the 3 years I have been here.

I Found God today in my mom being able to move.

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