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Star Wars

I have been wanting to see the new Star Wars movie. When I talked with my son – who saw it opening night – he wanted to see it again so I waited for him. In the mean time I made sure I did not watch too many trailers, or read about it, or come across any spoilers. Today was the big day. My son and his girlfriend, my dad, and I all went to the movie. I was excited and even more so when it started as usual. I guess I did pretty good staying away from the information, as I was happily surprised during the progression of the story. It brought me back to my younger years when I saw the first Star Wars movie in the theater. I was hooked immediately. I have always loved the comparison of the “force” and the “dark side” with the reality of good and evil in the world. The stories show how it is always our choice on which way to go and it is never too late to change. This new movie did not disappoint. I cheered for the good guys and recoiled from the bad. But I knew that in the end the evil would meet their fate and the righteous would prevail. That’s the kind of story I like. And that’s the kind of faith I have.

I Found God today in enjoying Star Wars, the story, and the company.

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