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The Rodeo

It had been years since I went to the rodeo and was excited to take my son and a couple of his friends tonight. To start the evening, the president of the organization – who also happens to be an ordained minister – led the crowd in a meaningful prayer. It was just as exciting as I remembered. It is hard to believe the human body can take the kind of abuse that the bronco riders and bull riders endure. However, tonight one rider got bucked off the horse and after he was on the ground, the horse kicked him in the head. The cowboy was still on the ground while the medical team rushed to help. As they strapped him on the backboard, the MC encouraged everyone there to pray for the young man and led a short prayer himself. It seemed that the cowboy was conscious, so hopefully that was a good sign. I had a good time and it was nice to have prayer just honestly and comfortably interjected.

I Found God today in public prayer.

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