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Untimely, Yet Peaceful

Today was haircut day. We have waited 3 months since our last cut, so we didn’t have to be in contact with too many people during the holiday season. My son took my dad to get his haircut while my mom and I went to our appointment. The last time I spoke to the beautician, her sister had the COVID-19 virus, but they were all very happy that no one else in the family had contracted it – including her grandmother and grandfather. Since then, she said she spends her time focusing on family and God. She told me that the family planned on getting all together at their family cabin during the holidays. Everyone had arrived except her grandfather. The 70 year old man was excited for his usual hunting trip and told the family he would meet up with them after he got his buck. While they were all together waiting for him to come, they received a phone call from one of the hunting companions with some sad news. The grandfather did indeed get his buck. He contacted the other man and told him where he was and that he was going down the hill to tag it. When the man arrived, he found the grandfather lying next to the buck. Evidently he had a massive heart attack and passed away right there. My friend said his eyes were closed as if he had laid down to rest a few minutes next to his prize. It was quite a shock and a lot for the family to sort out. But, in reflecting on her grandfather’s passing, she said he was doing what he loved and seemed to have a very peaceful death. It was a very moving story, and I felt blessed that she shared it all with us.

I Found God today in a moving story of an untimely, yet peaceful death.

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