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Works of Art

My dad bought some cute little girl statues a few years ago that are displayed outside during the summer. They have been just plain with a grayish stone type finish. During the winter, they are brought into the house. Typically they get moved from place to place because people feel like they are staring at them with their blank eyes. My dad has been wanting to paint them, but not really sure exactly how. One of my sisters is a terrific artist. She paints animal portraits on rocks that almost look alive. She has dabbled with painting the girl statues a little bit, but the one thing that had both her and my dad stumped was what to do about the eyes. She came to spend this weekend, and they decided they were going to get it done. They looked at pictures on the internet and studied the statues in church. My dad painted most of one complete statue and my sister had finished the other. Then it came time for the eyes. Once they decided how it should be done, it didn’t take my sister that long to paint them. I am always amazed at her artistic ability. The statues turned out adorable and took their place outside – though they are almost too beautiful to be out there. It was a great weekend project.

I Found God today in a beautifully completed dad/daughter project.

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