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Alleviating Worry

While I was preparing dinner tonight, my son called saying that he may – or may not – have just cut himself pretty bad. He did cut himself as he was dicing peppers to put in his dinner, but wasn’t sure exactly how bad it was. He actually found the small piece of his finger that he shaved off still stuck to the knife and texted me the picture. He had washed the wound and it was still bleeding. I talked him through holding compression and holding his hand above his heart. After being on the phone with him for over half an hour, I decided to just go over and take a look for myself. He had done a good job bandaging the finger and the bleeding seemed to have subsided. I helped him finish cooking his dinner and cleaned up the kitchen so he wouldn’t have to try to do that all with one hand. I was glad that I was close enough to just go over and alleviate worry as well as help him out.

I Found God today being able to alleviate worry for both me and my son.

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