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Super Supportive Mom

I brought my dad to a doctor’s appointment this morning and as we sat in the waiting room, we met the woman sitting next to my dad who was having the same dermatological procedure. We started talking about what beverages there were available and noted there was no coffee. She said she always has enough coffee as her daughter owns a coffee shop. I asked where it was and found that it is right up the street from our house. We have seen the sign and talked about stopping in, but never have. The woman said her daughter is special needs and the coffee shop is her way of being productive in the community. There is a regular group of men who meet there every morning. The place employs other special needs people and many of them will come to hang out. It is their safe space. I asked how it came about and she said they prayed a lot. They wanted the girl to have an outlet and also do something of value. The woman worked at one of the local food pantries. She met the people who owned the coffee shop, and when it went up for sale, they were able to purchase it. She had a background in accounting for a non-profit and was able to use that to help the restaurant. She was very proud of the shop and her daughter, and very supportive as well. The story was beautiful and I will definitely be visiting the coffee shop.

I Found God today in a faithful, supportive woman.

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