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Excellent Timing

This afternoon we planned on leaving from the cabin to head home. We figured out the timing so we would reach the city before dark and find a place to take a picture of the rising almost super moon. But, my dad discovered a problem that needed some attention. It didn’t set us back too far – we left about half an hour later than planned. When we reached the main road, there was a traffic back up as workers were cleaning up an accident. We wondered if we would have been involved in the accident had we left when we intended. When we got to the city, we drove to the place where we thought we would have a good view of the moon rising over the city. Unfortunately, there was a bank of clouds low in the sky. As we drove around trying to find a place to park, suddenly the large moon appeared in the sky. We pulled right into a big parking lot that gave the view we were looking for. The moon was actually too high in the sky, but now we have found a great vantage point to go back to. As we continued home, it was dark enough to tour the neighborhood and look at all the Christmas lights. Later, I went to the community mail box. One of the neighbors who is in a wheelchair arrived with his dog. The dog pulled suddenly and got away. I went after her and she came to me after a little coaxing. I grabbed her leash and brought her back to her owner. I was glad I was there just at the right time. The whole evening seemed to follow the pattern. There were actually a couple of more instances and my mom, dad, and I talked about how the evening seemed to have perfect timing all around.

I Found God today in the excellent timing of the evening.

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