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Mailing the Box

Today we got another package ready for Christmas mailing, but it was later in the day when I got to the post office. The main counters were already closed, but there are 3 do-it-yourself kiosks in the lobby. I have used them before and they are pretty handy. I got the postage on the box and then found that package would not fit into the deposit bin. So, I brought it back out with me to the car. I got the thought that if I found a mail person on the streets, I may be able to give them the box. I stopped at the mailboxes for the housing complex. There was no mail and no one there. I remembered that I usually see the mail truck in the adjacent neighborhood before our mail is delivered. So, I drove around a little and decided to head home and find another time to drop the box. I looked up the final street and there was a mail truck. I pulled up and asked the worker if I could give him the package. He was happy to. It was pretty funny that I had the thought, followed through, and it actually worked as I hoped. Now I can check another thing off my list.

I Found God today following through with a thought of a resolution that worked out.

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