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Amazing Weather Event

My parents and I made a trip up to the cabin today. When we arrived, we noticed the familiar yellow pollen from the pine trees had covered the deck. In the afternoon, some small thunderstorms moved in, but cleared enough to go out for a walk. My mom wanted to identify the numerous wildflowers that had bloomed. So, I took her ipad out and started snapping some pictures. When I was some distance from the house, I heard the wind start to pick up behind me. I turned around and saw a giant cloud of something headed right toward me as the wind whipped into a frenzy. I didn’t know exactly what the cloud was – rain? dirt? I turned my back expecting to get a little wet or pelted with dirt. I didn’t feel a thing except for the crazy wind. I turned back around to see what was happening. There were giant clouds whirling about as the trees bent low in the strong wind. Still unsure as to what was going on – dust devil? tornado? – I ran back into the house and shut the door tight. From there, we looked out the high deck and saw the clouds of yellow moving up out of the valley and following the tree tops. The wind was shaking up the trees, releasing the yellow pollen. It was so strong that it threw the lawn chairs to the other side of the deck. My dad said he had never seen anything like it before. It was an awesome sight to behold and an incredible event to experience. Ten minutes later, the sun was shining and the clouds had dissipated. It certainly gave me a deeper appreciation for wonder of weather and nature.

I Found God today experiencing an awesome nature event.

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