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Palm Tree

Sadly, a friend of my sister passed away a few days ago. She said he was an amazing man who touched many lives and will be very missed. She went to the memorial service last night and told me about it today. Near the end of his life, the man told his sister that he just wanted to go and sit under a palm tree. His sister spoke at the service and reflected on that statement. In a storm, the palm tree is made to bend and bow in the powerful winds. As it does, it grows stronger. When the tree withstands a storm, it becomes more capable of holding firm when the next storm comes around. While the man may have not realized this about the palm tree he was envisioning, his sister said it was a good illustration of her brother. He was flexible in difficult situations and stayed strong to the end. This story really touched me. I thought it was a beautiful example for living life to the fullest.

I Found God today in a reflection of a loved ones life.


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