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Christmas and Family

It has been a wonderful few days celebrating Christmas with my family.

On Christmas Eve, my brother flew into town. My son got the opportunity to test out his new truck on snowy mountain roads as he drove my brother and my dad up to the cabin. They made some adjustments to the computer equipment up there so we can continue monitoring the weather and such. They seemed to really enjoy their man time. When they returned, we had so much fun as we video chatted with my other son and grandkids and watched each other open the gifts we sent. Later, we had dinner and went to church. The priest started with the most interesting analogy by talking about fruitcake. He recited the recipe which included various nuts, fruits, and rum. He said the more you eat the fruitcake, the more you discover the goodies it has to offer and the more inebriated you can become. Similarly, the more time you spend with Jesus, the more you realize the goodness He has to offer and you can become inebriated with His love. Food for thought.

We were missing my travelling brother and my nephew in the Navy on Christmas Day, so we got them on video chat. It was great fun to interact with them. Neither of them felt quite so all alone or quite so far away for the holiday.

Yesterday was pretty much resting day. My brother, parents, and I watched a movie that we all enjoyed and laughed at.

Today, my parents, brother, and I went to the Ghost Town Museum that has lots of buildings and artifacts from 100 years ago. My parents remembered many of the items and it was fun to hear their stories. We found some things that they actually still own and talked about how strange it was to them to go to a museum to find some of their things. My parents are weary, but we have all had an exciting time celebrating being together.

I Found God today reflecting on family at Christmas.

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