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Seeking a Connection

Today in church, a young couple with a little girl came and sat next to us in the rows of chairs closest to the entrance. When it came time to share the sign of peace, the little girl made her way out of our row to exchange a handshake to everyone nearby. When she approached someone, she would just look at them with a smile and a twinkle in her eye until they acknowledged her with an outstretched hand. Then she would cheerfully shake their hand and move on to the next person. It didn’t matter if they were old or young, man or woman, or had a wheelchair or walker. She approached each the same. It was like she didn’t even see any physical qualities at all. She saw a potential connection. I thought this is how God is. Even though He created our physical bodies, it is the connection with us on a deeper level that He is constantly inviting us to.

I Found God today in a little girl seeking a connection.

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