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Saw the President, Sort of

This morning, my mom and I watched the Air Force Academy graduation on the local news station. I thought President Trump’s speech was inspiring and was impressed at how personal he made it. We planned to make a trip up to the mountains this afternoon and had lunch at the park hoping to catch a glimpse of the Thunderbirds. But, we were evidently too early and knew the graduation was running behind schedule. We decided not to wait and set off for the hills. It wasn’t too long before we came to a traffic jam. It was then that we realized our timing was off. They were starting to close down the highway for the President to return to his airplane. I decided to head downtown hoping to cut across further down the line. At every intersection that we came too, the cars were lined up and not moving. We made our way down a side street that no one else had found. My mom noted that we had the road to ourselves and wondered what that meant. As we crossed some railroad tracks, I figured it meant we shouldn’t be there either. The road ended at a highway on ramp. There were stopped vehicles everywhere. But as we entered the intersection, a police officer waved us on up to the highway. I obeyed and found myself with only about 4 other cars on the highway. It was surreal, like out of a movie. We all drove slowly as if to say, “Should we be here?” People tried to exit, but they were all backed up as well. I just kept driving. On the other side of the highway, a police motorcycle sped past. Then another, then another. I told my mom that we were going to see the President. Sure enough, after a few more motorcycles, the President’s motorcade appeared, including the long black limousine with the American flags waving in the wind. “There he is! There he is!” I squealed with excitement. He could have been in any of the 20 or so cars that drove past, but we saw them all. So, we did see the president . . . sort of. Our timing ended up to be perfect. It was a pretty exciting and adventurous afternoon.

I Found God today in an exciting afternoon.

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