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Less Traveled

I had an opportunity today to take a drive with a good friend. We headed to the mountains, hoping to find a road less traveled to take in some fall scenery. As anticipated, there were plenty of other people who had the same idea. After being on the main road for a while, we came across a dirt road and turned. We didn’t know where it went, but it was away from the traffic. The road looped and turned, climbed and descended, with houses tucked back in amongst the trees. The views were spectacular. We stopped at several spots to take in the beautiful colors of the “quaking” aspens. When the sun was at the right angle, the leaves glowed and shimmered in the breeze. Once we hit the main road again, we stopped at a pull-off. By this time the clouds and smoke had made an appearance and, while it was still a beautiful sight, the changing Fall leaves were no longer as stunning. It felt great – therapeutic – to take a beautiful drive, experience nature, and spend good time with a wonderful friend.

I Fount God today spending the day with a friend and experiencing nature.

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