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Unexpected Compliment

Before I went out and about today, I decided to put on a little eyeliner and fix my hair up nice. I have several face masks that my friend has made and always like to wear things that match. Today it was the fall leaves look with my orange long sleeve t-shirt. I thought it doesn’t really matter to anyone else but me, but it made me feel good. As I was running errands, I decided to stop for a coffee. The shop was near a high school. I had ordered online and went in to pick it up. A group of high school students were there waiting for their order. When my drink was ready, the woman behind the counter called my name. I thanked her and took my cup. When I turned around, one of the young ladies seated at a table pulled down her mask to say, “Ms. Tammy, you look beautiful today!” That was completely unexpected. I thanked her “so much!” and went out the door smiling. I guess my extra self care details paid off.

I Found God today in an unexpected compliment.

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