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Outside Activities

I have been feeling a little cabin fever, so it felt great to get outside in the cool air for a walk today. As I walked, I imagined that everyone I saw felt the same way as I saw all the different people and activities. Two men were throwing the football around at the park while encouraging two children to play as well. A group of three were in the baseball field placing their balls back in their cart. There were several joggers and several dog-walkers. And elderly couple wearing masks were walking with 3 youth. An elderly man was visiting his younger neighbor and said hello to me as he headed home. Another couple guys were working on a car. Several men were busy cleaning their garages. A man was chatting with a woman on her porch socially distanced. One woman was sitting on her porch whittling a piece of wood. I even came across my neighbor who was riding his fancy low rider trike. As I wrote it all down here, I really did take notice of all the people enjoying the day. It helped me to let go of some worries.

I Found God today noticing all those enjoying outdoor activities.

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