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When my mom and I went out and about this morning, I wondered if it was a good idea as the weather wasn’t great, but it was supposed to get worse later in the day. I should have listened closer to that inner voice. We were out in the worst windstorm I have ever experienced. We drove through several dust storms and got pelted. On the highway, we passed a sign warning of a closed lane ahead. As we approached we saw a semi truck that was overturned and part way down a hill. Several other semis had pulled over by walls to protect themselves. We came upon another that was stopped on a bridge, but it was still moving. The wind was blowing so hard that it was pushing the trailer. It was about to topple. We finally got off the highway at our exit and stopped at the stop light. Our car was rocking and the traffic lights were flying all around. I was praying they wouldn’t come off. My mom was supposed to have a doctor’s appointment, but I called them and told them she wasn’t coming. As we were turning onto our street, a lane was blocked because there were workers clearing a tree that had fallen. We got home, pulled into the garage, and closed the door behind us before we got out of the car. I was so glad to be home safe and sound.

I Found God today staying safe in a treacherous drive.

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