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I had promised my teenage grandson an adventure for his birthday. He chose to go to the indoor go-cart track and race. Today the schedules worked out and we were able to go. Neither of us had been there before and were excited to try it out. We got all checked in and received our head socks. Then we watched the races ahead of us and took mental notes. My grandson kept saying he was going to crash as he had never done it before and I kept trying to encourage him. When our turn came up, we watched the “training video”, learned all about what to do, put on our helmets, and got strapped into our go-carts. I just happened to be in the first car of the line up. I already strategized that I would take off and leave everyone in my dust. However, when the green flag was waved, the 4 of us made a couple of turns and crashed. Once we got untangled, my grandson who was right behind me sped past, as well as the other 3 drivers. So much for my strategy. At the end of the race, my grandson came in 2nd place and I came in 4th. I was so happy for him that he did so well and he was pretty proud of himself too. It was entertaining and exhilarating. The best part was that we got to spend some fun, quality time together.

I Found God today enjoying a fun time with my grandson.

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