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Grateful Heart

My mother is probably the most grateful person I know. She constantly thanks everyone for everything they do for her and she truly means it. During the day she will thank me for meals, for helping her, for taking her places, even for the pills she has to take. She thanks my sister and I every night for “all the things you girls do for me”. I pray I would have that kind of gratitude. I have said it before – I can easily get caught up in the problems and trials of this life instead of being grateful for the many, many blessings God has provided us as well as the many helpful, caring, prayerful people who are in my life. Today’s Mass readings touched on this theme of gratefulness. A group of 10 lepers came to Jesus for help. Jesus cured them while they were on the road, but only 1 returned to thank Him. I can desire God to work in my life in spectacular ways, which He certainly has done. But the reality is that He supplies me with all I need, every day. The food we eat, the home we have, the family close by, the ability to care for mom, the doctors who treat her, the friends in my life, and on, even to waking up in the morning and the breath in my lungs. He sustains me, is with me, and loves me each moment. That is worth more gratitude than I am even capable of, and so it is necessary to thank Him for everything I can think of every day.

I Found God today in a grateful heart.

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