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Woman in Distress

Today I took my dad to a doctor’s appointment. As we were waiting to be seen, an elderly woman came in who was distressed. She was almost in tears as she tried to explain why she was late. She said she had to walk over from a nearby convenience store as her car broke down. But then she also said that she couldn’t get into her car because she lost her keys – she thought she had left them at home. The woman at the desk was doing her best, asking specific questions to try to understand what exactly was happening. Finally, she told the woman that she was fine for now and to sit down and relax. I was wondering if we should give her a ride to the convenience store. After my dad saw the doctor, as we were checking out, the upset woman who was calmer by this time was sitting at the front desk. She was on the phone calling to get some help. I asked the office worker if they were able to help the woman and she said they were. I was glad to hear that. I could leave with my dad, knowing that the anxious woman was being taken care of.

I Found God today as an office took care of a distressed elderly woman.

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