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Eclipse Day

My parents and I – along with the majority of the United States – have been looking forward to viewing the eclipse today. My dad and brothers were able to go to a place where they could see totality and captured some outstanding pictures with their technologically advanced equipment. At home, my mom and I watched from our porch through the safety of our eclipse glasses. We witnessed 90% totality from our house. Even though it wasn’t the full effect, we experienced it getting darker and cooler. When we were at the height of the eclipse, I noticed the strange light shining through the leaves of the trees and onto the sidewalk. All the holes of light were in crescent shapes. That was really strange and unexpected. We also watched the weather channel as they reported the total eclipse in different parts of the country. Each time we saw it, it was overwhelming, and I was crying by the end of the 2 1/2 minutes. So were many of the reporters. Another friend of mine who witnessed it in person said that she was crying then and just thinking about it. I don’t really know why it had this effect on people – myself included. Perhaps because it is an unusual thing to see and such a beautiful phenomenon. Perhaps we realize how small we are in this awesome universe. The experts said that the moon is the exact size and in the exact place in the sky in order for us to witness a total eclipse. What an amazingly and wonderfully ordered world we have the privilege of existing in.

I Found God today watching a beautiful incident in the sky.

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