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Experimental Procedure

My mom and I went to the Parkinson’s support group this morning. The speaker was a member of the group who had an experimental procedure done last year. He had a series of 1024 beams of ultrasound focused to a specific spot in his brain. When all the beams come together at one spot, they basically cause a lesion which destroys the section of the brain causing the problem. The gentleman told his story of his symptoms and the procedure. He had a great sense of humor and told funny anecdotes throughout the presentation. One in particular was when he went to check in for the procedure, he was to have his hair very short as a crew cut since they would be shaving his head. He did get his haircut, but he also found one of those funny hats with a ponytail in the back that he wore just to lighten the mood. Overall, the procedure was very effective in reducing some of the symptoms he was having. He had such a positive attitude and said several times how blessed he felt that he was 1 of only 31 people in the country to be able to participate in the trial.

I Found God today in a grateful man with a positive attitude.

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