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Fix It Day

Lately, there have been some things going wrong, which has been frustrating – especially to my dad. This afternoon while my mom got her haircut, my dad and I ran some errands. Each place he went in to do business had no waiting. He just walked right in and got things taken care of. When we picked up my mom, she had just finished. It was perfect timing all around. While we were driving, we noticed the blinker on the car was going very fast, which usually means a burned out bulb. We checked it and sure enough, one of the back blinkers was not working. My dad called their usual shop who said it would be at least an hour wait. He then tried another place that was much closer to home. They said to bring the car on in. When we arrived, the very friendly mechanic replaced the bulb while we sat in the car. When my dad asked how much he owed, the man replied, “No Charge!” The other day, we discovered a leak under the kitchen sink. My dad had a plumber come over who was unable to find parts to fix the problem. So, my dad called the manufacturer and described the problem. They sent a whole new faucet just to make sure we had everything we needed and shipped it overnight. It was also “No Charge!” The faucet arrived today and when we got home from our errands, my dad replaced some of the parts. It took no time at all and seems to have fixed the problem. My dad was feeling somewhat stressed this morning, but the incredibly productive afternoon raised his spirits.

I Found God today as we were able to get things taken care of and fixed fairly easily.

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