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Caregiver Workshop

Yesterday I was happy to be able to attend a caregiver’s workshop. There were about 60 people in attendance with all different scenarios. Just at my table, there was a woman living with her father, a woman whose mother was living with her and her husband who was also babysitting for their 3 year old granddaughter, a woman whose husband was just diagnosed with dementia, and sisters who were trying to figure out how best to care for their mother who is living alone and showing signs of dementia. The speakers were right on target and very helpful with resources and ideas on how to take care of yourself as a caregiver. One speaker that struck me was a young man who started working at an assisted living facility when he was just 15 years old. He must have been meant for it, as now 12 years later, he is speaking to groups and sharing his wisdom. His experience taught him how important it is to know and treat the whole person, as a person. He told a story about a teacher who would always get restless around 3:00 pm and start looking for children. In her livelihood, she would be grading papers at this time and finishing up her day at school. So, instead of throwing another medication at her, they got her a desk and made copies of 4th grade worksheets for her to grade each day. He told several other stories and you could see the compassion that he felt for the people in his care. All the people I met, from the sisters working together to the woman alone with her father had a great respect and love for those they were caring for. Though each case was different, each was a struggle. Every caregiver there was looking for help and support to do the best job they could. I was so grateful for the workshop and found the people and the day very inspirational.

I Found God today in compassionate and inspirational people.

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