Family Surprise

I am not easily surprised. I am usually pretty keyed into what is happening around me and with the people who are close to me. But, I have to hand it to my family today. A few months ago, we bought some tickets to a football game out here hoping that my older son would be able to travel from the northeast and join us. However, it wasn’t working out for him to do so. I begged and pleaded for a while, then invited a friend to come to the game and take his ticket. I talked to him a couple of days ago and we planned to do a family video chat this afternoon. My sisters and other son were coming over for an early birthday celebration, so that would work out great. I got the text from my younger son that he was on his way over. Then I got the text from my older son to video chat. I connected with his family and was talking with his wife and kids when they all started singing “Happy Birthday” to me. At the end of the song, I heard the front door open and the voice of my younger son singing as well. But when I looked over, it was my older son standing there. It took me a few seconds to process before I realized it was really him. Then I screamed like never before and ran over to give him a huge hug. My sisters were in on the whole scheme and even had talked to my friend about it before I offered her the ticket so she knew what was happening. She played along as well. My daughter in law and grandkids did a great job of hiding it too as they watched my reaction from the computer. I had no idea. None. I was completely taken off guard. It was an elaborate scheme and I was shocked that they would go through all that trouble just to surprise me. I was feeling pretty special indeed. We laughed all evening and I am so excited for the big game.

I Found God today in an amazing surprise from my family.

4 comments on “Family Surprise

  1. Happy Birthday Dear Tam Tam! We love you and miss you! The Bittman gang in NH.


  2. What a great story! It made me cry! You raised those boys right! Miss you, Tammy!


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